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"BEEF, it's what's for dinner"!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This weeks topic is ground beef, we'll start with a small history lesson. Ground beef is the most widely consumed beef product amongst Americans becoming wildely popular in the 1920's by a chain of restaurants named White Castle.

The United States account for 45% of the beef consumption in just ground beef alone. Ground beef is simply different cuts of meat ground together in a meat grinder. In the US, the most popular grind is chuck steak because of it's flavor and meat-to-fat-ratio. Most common ratio is 80/20 meaning the meat portion is at 80% and fat at 20%. Which brings me to my point, what are YOU consuming?

Well, recent studies have shown most fast food estalishments use a meat based product that is derived from a technology known as advanced meat recovery or "pink slime", no, not the glitter glue crap our 10 year olds were making by the tub-fulls, but a super thin grind of fatty beef trimmings, that is then treated with an antimicrobbial agent to remove the salmonella and other pathogen's, saving the consumer millions. So, I ask you, do you want pink slime or do you want to know what's in your ground beef? provides the highest quality ground beef products to fit any budget. You want a top of the line ground beef? Go with the Akaushi Wagyu...WTF is that right? Well, it's an insanely delicious beef. Akaushi meaning red cow and Wagyu is a Japanese beef that provides a meaty intense flavor. It's the highly distinctive marbling which refers to the visible layers of intramuscular fat, this gives the meat a more flavorful, tender and juicy mouth-fill. It has a higher percentage of fatty acids or monounsaturated fats.

Next in line is the delicious grass-fed ground beef. Grass-fed beef is not the same as your common grocery store grain fed beef, the flavor of grass-fed will have a cleaner, gamier or meatier taste. Grass-fed produces less of the fattier marbling and less saturated fat than the common grain fed beef, making it a perfect match for a protein burger or low carb cheese tacos. Recipe

Last, but not least, is the classic ground beef, in the 80/20, known as the leaner ground beef. It's your every-day go-to ground beef and is great for those hearty meals such as chili's, stews, meatballs and tacos (not for burger patties). Check out Butchrr Burger Blends for crafted mind-blowing burgers.

Now you know a little more behind the meat curtains, throw on some tunes, crack open a beer and get cooking Nevada.

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