There are a lot of fundraising ideas out there, but is going door-to-door selling candy, or finding enough volunteers to come out and wash cars your best bet in the age of increasing digital media and traditional fundraising fatigue?
Our 'Butchrr Bucks' fundraiser is fast, fun and
flavor-able for all schools, groups, teams and clubs!
Simply order Butchrr products online
with your groups unique tracking URL and enjoy high quality hand cut meats delivered to your door!


WOW...what a great fundraiser.  We exceeded our goal in only 3 days.  Our supporters loved the product and the convenience of home delivery.  I can't say enough great things about Butchrr!  

Baseball Coach

Coach Johnson

Very easy, very fast and very good! Thank you Butchrr for making things happen for our program! Giving us the opportunity to raise funds year-round is priceless. Thanks again.