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Butchrr is your local marketplace for high-quality, hand-cut steaks, grass-fed meats, all natural chicken, chops, custom burger blends, wild caught seafood, game meats and coming soon plant-based proteins!

Join our community and treat yourself, family and friends to great-tasting, clean-lean-fresh proteins.  Products are cut daily and packaged locally at a USDA licensed facility. 

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I highly recommend Butchrr-box!
It has now become the ONLY place I will buy my meat from. Everything has been top quality and delicious. Very convenient to just place the order online and have it delivered right to my door. Awesome prices as well. Thank you Butchrr Box!


We received our first order which the packaging was amazing. Our first night we had salmon that was out of this world and mushroom raviolis in porcini sauce.
We’re definitely keeping this up.